I’m in the final! Am I dreaming? Maybe that’s possible, but it doesn’t matter to me… I will continue to enjoy this unique experience that is bringing me so much joy. In this week’s design we must show what makes us unique while using our best skills. After thinking and thinking about this issue without getting any ideas I decided to create this week’s outfit in a completely different way. I have tried to forget that I am participating in a contest and have bought some knit fabrics that I have liked for a long time. I have sewn something that my children need and I know that they will use and enjoy. This way, I’m sure I can show my style without forcing it.As soon as I received the fabrics my brain told me: Let’s play! and that was what I did: I played with the knits in different textures, played stripe matching, played with the colors, and played with some crayons, too.  I have sewn these garments for both my son and my baby. They are all knit fabric garments that share the base colors: white, black and pink. I have incorporated some contrasting touches in my son’s clothes in orange and for the little one some details in green. I wanted them to be harmonic garments in colors without matching exactly.He wears super comfortable fitted pants with pockets applied on both sides with a drawstring at the waist. The sleeveless shirt also has a patch pocket and a print that he loves. I have drafted both patterns from RTW clothes from their wardrobe and the fabrics are both french terry from Fabrics and Friends. It seems simple but has thoughtful details, to my style, like the Kraftex imitating leather. In case it cools down on summer nights I have sewn a gray sweatshirt with grey pique knit that includes an crayon iron-on transfer with the words “Let’s play” on the sleeves (pattern from an Ottobre Design). I decided to use this method so he could get involved in the design and creation of the sweatshirt.

My toddler is wearing a pink romper made of a knit fabric with relief dots, I drafted it from a RTW romper that fits her perfectly. The green border of the neck and pocket stand out a lot from the pink and they manage to lend some happiness to the romper. It has a patch pocket on one side. I have also sewn a gray sweatshirt in grey knit pique that says “Skate” (pattern from Ottobre Design).

Both words represent what this week’s designs convey to me. When you look at the garments I think they scream, “Play!”, “Let’s have fun!”, “Bring your skates and go to the park!”

I hope you liked my proposal. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have supported, encouraged and voted for me these weeks. Hopefully the designs that we have been showing you have been very inspiring.Don’t forget to vote for your favorite HERE.